digi-trust.EU is a joint-venture of neutral trustees, who worked together on the innovation concept of active horizontal collaboration over the last years.  In particular they were founding member and pilot case leader within the NexTrust EU funded research project.

NexTrust concluded successfully its project in October 2018. Active ‘horizontal’ collaboration between shippers demonstrated the positive productivity effects. Shippers are reducing costs and greenhouse gas emissions significantly. The concept is now validated and continues under digi-trust.EU to invite more shippers and carriers to join the collaborative network.


Mission Statement

Efficiency and Sustainability through Collaboration. We continuously match your network with other shipper networks to maximize cost efficiency and minimize greenhouse gas emissions. Identifying opportunities, aligning with internal and external partners, including suppliers, customers — even competitors, all in an EU legally compliant environment.

Trust. EU Legally compliant environment, respecting competition law and privacy. Applying fair benefit sharing to implement sustainable efficient collaborative networks.

Engagement. We enable the complete collaborative journey from optimization to implementation, supported by innovative digital tools to build long lasting efficient networks.